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Q Drum Co. is a custom shop drum company based out of Los Angeles, California. We pride ourselves on true craftsmanship developed over 15 years of experience in the shop, studio, and stage. Our goal is to produce the finest drums available by combining the techniques of yesteryear with modern and inventive building techniques and materials. We strive to build kits with a quality you can hear, see, and feel.

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist. - Louis Nizer


At Q Drum Co. we take pride in manufacturing sonically superior drums out of different types of materials, both classic and modern. Traditionally drums have been made out of a few select woods, but we figured that if metals were good enough for snare drums then they should be just as good for the entire kit. Since then we’ve built drum sets out of steel, galvanized steel, copper, and unique brass snare drums, producing all of these shells in-house. Although we’ve broken new ground in the world of metal drum construction we have also excelled in the craft of traditional drum building. Extensive research and experimentation have lead us to the development of unique bearing edges which we feel give our drums a unique balance of tone, attack, depth, and resonance.



Soooo much to do, so little time... #qdrumco #mahogany #copper #galvanized #ohmyNew kit for Adam Marcello and Katy Perry! Of course it has to have lights... However, name of the game is to sound good and this set delivers! #qdrumco #acrylic #katyperryLoving this drum set right now.. 24", 12", 16" mahogany with patina copper inlays. Calf skin front head made possible by our friends at @ProfessionalDrumShop. #qdrumco #mahogany #prodrumsIt's so nice to be back in the shop. #qdrumcoIt's so nice to be back in the shop. #qdrumcoNothing like a broken head to keep you on your toes! Luckily it happened at the end of the last song. Gaffers tape is your best friend if this happens mid show. #qdrumco #NIN #Bogota #flyingmicstands #needmoregasolineOur good friend Nick Manning of Final Conflict posted this gem today. Black maple kit. Stained inside and wrapped with laminate outside for durability. Loved building this kit!! #qdrumco #finalconflict #blackoutThis is the copper snare that went to a drum set we posted a couple of weeks ago. 5X16 Copper plate. Will sound great with the 28" bass drum!! #qdrumco #sixteeninches #copper #snareThis awesome Blue/Silver/Blue glass over mahogany kit can be found at @lonestarperc in Dallas. Tricolors will always be one of my favorites!!! #qdrumco #lonestarpercussion #tricolorHere's a shot of a mahogany kit we did a couple weeks back in black satin stain. In the light, there is a slight reddish/brown undertone that really brings depth behind the black. Loved building this set! #qdrumco #black #mahogany8x14 mahogany with 10 ply maple re-rings. Real copper inlays for an added touch of class. Great little snare drum #qdrumco #snare #drum #coppermakesitlookrichThis guy right here... @haydencscott has been playing Q since day one. It's so great to get to tour with him. Thanks to @thedrumcartel for the rentals!!! #qdrumco #NIN #QOTSA #BrodyDalle #OZtakeoverMake sure to add this EP to your collection! Every song is awesome! @turbonitro crushing on the drums! @getinvolvednyDay off in Sydney. This makes up for not being able to work in the shop.. #qdrumco #nin #oztourOne of my favorite kits we built this year for Mark Pontius of Foster the People. Mahogany, maple re-rings, stained maple hoops on all drums. This kit sounds amazing! #qdrumco #fosterthepeople #mintchocolatechipA little project we finished up before I left on tour. 28", 16" (rack), 20" (floor) mahogany in silver glass. Huge drums and so much fun to build!We would like to welcome @lonestarperc in to the Q drum Co Family today! They have been serving Dallas, Texas as one of the finest drum shops since 1978. We couldn't be more pleased to have them offering our drums. If you are in the area please stop by thLet the tour begin!!!! #nin #qdrumco #japan #australia #southamerica22x20 galvanized steel Surdo. Part of a much larger percussion and drum rig for the band Foster The People. This sounds incredible. Thank you @remopercussion for the Bahia Bass head!!!! #qdrumco #brazil #percussion #remo #fosterthepeopleTurquoise Glass is such a great finish. If you are in the UK, you can sample this beauty of a mahogany kit at Sound Attak drum shop!!! #qdrumco #turquoise #mahogany #SoundAttakSort of ironic don't ya think? Fragile instruments that are beaten with sticks... #qdrumco #sundayshipments #askingtobedroppedThe main and the backup. Essential for touring drummers. I have found it's always best to have identical snares in case one needs to be swapped mid song. Don't want to piss off your sound guy! #qdrumco #brass #snareHow about a Satin Black Oyster over Mahogany shells? Pretty damn excited with how this kit came out... #qdrumcoMahogany/poplar/mahogany with maple re-rings is quite popular at Q. I wonder why.. #qdrumco #thosesweetsoundsThank you to everyone that came by and said hi at Namm this year. And a special thank you to all the companies that helped make our Namm experience even better @remopercussion @zildjiancompany @vaterdrumsticks @firemansbrew @worksbyjames @gopro #qdrumco #Just a couple of my favorites from our stash of wood snares. 7X14 blue satin stain, 8X14 Topo Gold. #qdrumco #namm2014And so it begins... #qdrumco #namm2014Load in for NAMM show is all done and now it's time to get the cold brew started... Huge thank you to my favorite coffee roasters @worksbyjames for setting us up yet again!!!7X14 Copper with wood hoops. I've been dreaming of this drum for awhile and it exceeds all my expectations. #qdrumco #namm2014 #copper #snare #simpleandclassyLook what just showed up... Stocked and ready for NAMM!!! Thank you @firemansbrew!!!!  #qdrumco #namm2014 #firemansbrewStill at it. #qdrumco #namm2014 #snaredrums photo cred: @eddie24d , in the back searching for answers from god: @gravyvspackage #batcaveI can't remember the first time I started using @vaterdrumsticks but it has to be at least over 15 years ago. I've never needed anything else. Definitely the best sticks out there!!So much work, so little time... #qdrumco #namm2014 #ineedsomesleepThis is my kind of place for a session.Sneak peak... #qdrumco #NAMM2014Sea blue satin stain over maple. Love the classy vibe this set has. Actual sizes 8x10, 9x12, 10x13, 16x16, 18x22.. #qdrumco #satin #blue #makesmewanttosurfGreen, silver, green glass glitter over mahogany shells. I have always loved the tri-color sparkle kits thanks to @atomwillardisme #qdrumco #sparkles #thanksforbeingpatient @asjudeblevinsFinishing up a nice little white high gloss with brass hardware drum set tonight. #qdrumco  #goldmakesitlookrich6.5x14 black chrome over brass... This is a drum that every drummer should have in their arsenal. #qdrumco #brass #blackbeautySimple silver sparkle. Very underrated. I love this finish. #qdrumco #classy




February 17, 2014

The Sword is going on tour with Big Business. Check out Santiago Vela playing his Q Drum Co Kit at the dates below! http://www.swordofdoom.com THU/FEB 13 – AUSTIN TX @ MOHAWK FRI/FEB 14 – HOUSTON TX @ FITZGERALDS SAT/FEB 15 – DALLAS TX @ GAS MONKEY MON/FEB 17 – NASHVILLE TN @ EXIT / IN […]

Shedding Light on Derek G. Taylor

December 6, 2013

“Shedding Light” is a new series that showcases our artists in a different light. Get to know them more like we know them. This is our family…


September 19, 2013

Make sure to pick up Nightmare and the Cat’s new EP “Simple” that was released this week. The band will also be on tour this month with Bastille. Check out Spike Phillips on the drums! Sep 19 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall Sep 20 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge Sep 21 […]


September 18, 2013

We are proud to bring you the first installment of what we hope to be an on going series called “On The Road With…”. This will feature video of our Q Drum Co. artists playing live out on tour with their band. The first one is of Ilan Rubin with Paramore performing “Now” off of […]


September 13, 2013

Our very own Ed Davis has been out on tour with Pacific Air this summer. Check out a video he put together chronicling the tour which includes an unreleased demo of a new song called “Oshin”


August 27, 2013

I can’t say enough great things about this video. First of all… Nightmare and the Cat have released a single that is incredible. To top it off, they enlisted fellow Q Drum Co artist Ed Shiers (The Small Hours/The PeachKings) to shoot and edit the video for their first single “Simple”! Watch as Spike Phillips […]


August 19, 2013

Check out Chris Hornbrook playing with Big Black Delta on KCRW!! These guys sound great and of course.. we love those galvanized drums!!


August 16, 2013

Q Drum Co. welcomes Tucker Rule (Thursday, Get Involved, and The Wanted) to the Family. Check out a bunch of teenage girls going nuts over his Q Drum Co kit on Jimmy Kimmel…Oh yeah The Wanted also performed “Glad You Came” which is about Tucker joining Q Drum Co.


August 15, 2013

Here’s a video of Ilan Rubin talking about his copper Q Drum Co. Kit and all of his gear Zildjian, Remo, DW Hardware, and Vater Drumsticks.


April 23, 2013

Portugal. The Man performed “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of their new album “Evil Friends”. Watch Kane Ritchotte play on hit mahogany silver sparkle Q Drum Co. Kit.



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