Welcome to Q Drum Co.


Dennis Leeflang

Bumblefoot / Kudisan Kai

“I played just about everything out there and although I had offers for collaborations with several companies, I was never 100% into the products, or the people, and always decided to keep looking. I've never felt comfortable dealing with a big (Japanese) corporation. When I discovered Q Drum Co., it all clicked. The drums blew me away, and Jeremy and co. are the most awesome bunch of guys you'll ever find. Being able to call the guy who actually builds my drums on his cellphone is a whole different type of relationship. The guys go above and beyond to help out any way they can, and build sick drums. My drums sound great in any room or outdoors and I rarely have to tune them up when I take them from one type of venue to another, while other drums I've used had to be completely retuned in every different room. The consistency of the Q sound is amazing. I get compliments from studio and live engineers every single time. The drums just *work* and hold up like nothing else, when seriously abused on the road. A huge relief not to have to worry about your gear, or the company having your back. And man... These drums just look and sound badass. I'm totally set with Q.”

Photo by: Dima James

Mahogany/poplar shells w/maple re-rings. Ginger Glass Glitter finish.

Main kit:
24×16 Kick Drum
13×9 Rack Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
18×16 Floor Tom

Small Kit:
20×14 Kick Drum
12×8 Rack Tom
15×15 Floor Tomm

Snare Drum:
14×7 Gentlemen’s series copper snare
14×6 Aluminum Plate
14×5 Copper Plate
14×6.5 10-ply Maple
14×6.5 Black Beauty


15″ 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat top / 15″ 2002 Medium Hi-Hat bottom
20″ 2002 Medium
24″ 2002 Ride
20″ 2002 Novo China

For lower volume stuff:
15″ Formula 602 Modern Essentials Hi-Hat
20″ Formula 602 Modern Essentials Crash
24″ Masters Deep Ride or 22″ Formula 602 Modern Essentials Ride
20″ 2002 Crash
20″ Masters Crash Ride