Welcome to Q Drum Co.


Matt Lunn


“"I've always loved big sounding and versatile drums, when I first got the Placebo gig I was looking for something fresh and new, and I'd read a lot of great things about Q. As soon as I spoke with Jeremy and tried one of the kits out, I was hooked! The power from the drums is incredible, not to mention the attention to detail and the shear beauty of every single kit they make. The close knit family vibe that comes alongside these amazing kits really gives you confidence that you'll always be looked after too. It's a real pleasure to hit these works of art every show!"”

Drum Setup:

Mahogany w/ white sparkle finish

18×24 Kick
10×12 Rack Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
16×18 Floor Tom

8×14 Brass
5×13 Mahogany

Cymbals: Zildjian

15” K Light Hi-Hats
20″ K Custom Dark Crash
24″ Avedis Medium Ride
20″ K Crash Ride
18″ EFX/20″ Medium Thin Crash Stacker
20” Avedis Thin Crash

Roland: SPDSX
TD10 Trigger
KT10 Trigger